Why us

iStock_000002338868XLargeThe concept behind RIN Advisors originated from discussions among a group of McKinsey consultants and alumni about a dilemma: top-tier management consulting services have always been out of reach for many of the organizations that could benefit from them. By developing an innovative service model, we have designed RIN Advisors to serve a much broader clientele by combining the quality and rigor of an elite firm with the personal attention of a boutique.

Our differentiators

RIN Advisors is a unique firm, structured and guided by a philosophy of delivering the greatest value for our clients. We believe there are a number a factors that make us different.

Quality of a top-tier strategy firm
Client focus of a boutique firm
Problem-solving, not sales
Top management perspective
We evaluate business challenges with the integrated, cross functional perspective of a President/GM

Objective, fact-based approach
We base our recommendations on rigorous, factual analysis to generate an independent, unbiased perspective

Extensive experience
Our Principals have advised some of the world’s largest, highest-performing organizations on their most pressing challenges

Our experienced Principals work directly with our clients to execute projects; we don’t rely on analysts and freshly minted MBAs.

We are invested in the growth of our local economies, and most of our work is focused in the communities where we live, making it easy to “reach out and touch us”

Light touch
Our focused teams of 1-3 experienced Principals deliver results comparable to a larger firm while avoiding the cost and disruption of an army of analysts

Tailored solutions
We don’t have a standard widget to sell; we develop creative, custom solutions that address each client’s needs

Free of the overhead of larger firms, we can structure engagements to match our client’s pace and cadence for driving change and follow-through long enough to ensure clients realize the full value of their investment with us

Fiduciary relationship
We look out for our client’s best interest, even when that means delivering hard truths or referring them to another firm that may be able to serve their needs better